Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ska in the most unexpected places...

I know that babies shouldn't watch too much TV. But Miss E LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba...and as discussed last night with Calins, here's the ska segment that we were talking about. Here's to AWESOME kids tv, even if it is populated by freaky green monsters and orange talking dildos.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is going to be quick...

'cause I have a weather migraine coming on. Yuck. Even though it's bright and sunny (and freakin' COLD!), I'm unfortunately not enjoying it right now.

It's November, right? Which means that if we check down an entry or two, I had a whole list of stuff I wanted to get done. Aaaaaaaaaand? Did I get it done?


You bet your sweet ass I did. Observe.

Craft Hope blankie #1.

Craft Hope blankie #2.

I still can't quilt for shite...but at least I know now that I can't. And possibly, just might take a class on machine quilting in the near future.

Still haven't blocked the scarf. But am ALL DONE with my swap packages. (Yes, there are several.) I'll post pics once the packages are out in the big wide world. I loathe going to the post office with munchkins in tow, so I'll probably mail out things on the weekend.

And now? What's on the list for this month? A little travelling, (Yay for visiting hometowns!), a lot of reading (reviews to come soon), and holiday crafting. I can't believe I got suckered into it, but there you go. So here's the preliminary list:

Mittens for both of Mr. Munchkin's teachers. Possibly hats too. Seriously, if I had a pot of gold, at least half of it would be going to them - they're amazing and have really helped my little man by leaps and bounds. To say that I'm grateful has to be the understatement of the century.
Socks for me. (I did mention that it's friggin' cold all of a sudden, right?)
Socks for others.
Mittens for little hands.
A quilt for Mr. BHT's cousin who is expecting a girl in the depths of winter. Well, Texas winter. Does that even count as winter?

Yeah. The needles will be flying. Just like the snowflakes!