Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well, I don't really have any valid excuse this time.

I haven't posted in awhile...and the likeliest reason is 'cause we're about to travel. And my brain always seems to evaporate the minute that the plane tickets are purchased 'cause I get obsessed with preparing. Can't tell you how thrilled I am about going away, as it's been awhile since we went anywhere on a plane. And this time, I'm REALLY excited about it - we're travelling somewhere I haven't been before.


And then off to Germany to spend some time with the in-laws. Logically, the best thing to do to prep for an epic journey is to ... craft. That being said, I did my part.

New dresses

(There's also a pink one that I made using this tutorial, but I can't find it to take pics atm...maybe later if I remember.)

Sleeping Masks for the family - will post pics of these depending on how irritated I get with them on the trip. The sun only sets at 11 pm and rises at 3 am these days in Iceland, so they're a necessity. But if they're bugging us, we just may use them to slingshot rocks into the volcano.

Travel pouch for mah bling. The one on the left is for me, and the one on the right is for my Mum. 'Cause she's awesome.

Aren't they cute?

A sweater - of which I have no pictures. Will post one as soon as it's been taken. Just imagine soft grey yarn, and mother of pearl buttons. It's really pretty and I'm enthralled by it.

Mittens for me!

How ridiculous is it that I have no mittens for myself? I searched through every single tub of winter clothing and came up with one blue and one purple mitten that sorta fit me. Out of desperation, this was knit of out of the leftover skein from the above mentioned sweater. Treads pattern (rav link), modded to full mittens.

And finally, a square for a charity afghan. This one is for an online friend that lost her baby in an emergency c-section at 8 months along. Handdyed, handspun, handknit.

There's more, but seriously...I am about to lose my mind and cannot remember where everything is. I don't know what the wi-fi situation will be like where we're going, but I'll try to post pics as we go along. Let's just hope that all the Lopi I'm about to buy fits into the luggage, eh?