Sunday, December 5, 2010


So, what I found while doing NaNo is that I need to make things. NEED. Otherwise I go a bit barmy. (More than the usual amount of barminess, that is.) So here's the latest:

minihat 002

A baby hat, part of a shower gift. Julie's Cabled Baby Hats is the pattern, I think.

stash 017

Another Odessa, made in silk that I dyed black.

stash 015

A Thorpe, but sans earflaps as requested.

WSSwap 002

The Winter Sanity Swap package that I sent to my partner. The cupcake tree ornament was particularly fun to make.

Tragically, the package that I sent out originally for the Zombie Swap was lost by Canada Post. So I have been making up a replacement package. I made a Thermis cowl with Sculpey brain buttons and a set of fingerless gloves, one meant to look like bloody decomposing flesh.

zippy 009

zippy 011

greenies 011

Nice, hey? I still have to send out the package, as I'm waiting on something I ordered to arrive. Epic fail, Canada Post... EPIC.

I have other FOs, but they'll be posted after the holidays. <3