Saturday, January 22, 2011

Procrastination Station.

I've been slacking. I can't remember the last time that my house was really cleaned. My novel is ... stuck on a nasty plot point. And instead of working on it, I've been crafting.

Craft Hope's new project is making safe birthing kits for Haiti - Konbit Sante distributes these to trained birth attendants in an effort to stem Haiti's awful maternal and infant mortality rates.

The kits aren't complex - basic hygiene (soap, antibacterial gel, alcohol wipes, clean string, latex gloves and plastic sheeting) is addressed, and the handmade components are a tote bag, toy and a receiving blanket.


The receiving blanket is just a 45 inch square of cotton flannel, serged with a rolled edge. The toy was based on this tutorial (love her site), and the tote was pretty much improvised. It's made from a canvas dropcloth and lined with quilter's cotton. It's a nice, sturdy little bag. I think that I may make a few more of these, but larger, for grocery bags.

I'm also finishing up all of my items for the Moderator's Swap over at the Odd Ducks. The large component of this package is a Damson shawl.


The colour's truer in this pic.


I'll post a pic of the full package after my partner's received it. Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

Spun up two skeins of Uberwench fibre as well.


FUN crazy batt = yarn that looks like unicorn farts. Love it.

Finished up a pair of socks for myself. Nothing like self-striping yarn in a 3x1 rib to make one feel tremendously clever.


And finally, there are going out to a very special friend.


October Leaves Fingerless Gloves knit in Sweet Georgia sock yarn.


And now? I think I'll knit myself some more socks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I need a house elf.

So, last week, Mr. Munchkin comes over and excitedly waves an envelope in my face.

"Mom! It's a birthday invitation! Sunday!"

"Oh, sounds like fun."

"Yup! It's a Harry Potter party ... and I'm in Hufflepuff house (last part said rather dejectedly)."

"Aww, don't worry, I'm sure it'll be fun anyway."

"AND! It's a costume party!"

"Wait, whaaaa?"

And that is how I ended up sewing and glue gunning my little heart out for two days solid. But in the end, I think it was worth it.


I used this tutorial for the wand, and modded this one for the robe.

Note: if you want the "hood" on the back, you can use the excess fabric that you use away from the sleeves. Works like a charm. (Ha!) When cutting the front, cut a very shallow half-circle around the neck area, and you can attach the hood there. The tie is just fabric with lines drawn on with a sharpie.

Needless to say, this was wicked fun to present to him on the morning of the party. Knitting content to come eventually. I'm working on a swap package atm, so I'll have to wait until the package is sent to reveal all of the loveliness within.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


That would be the sound of my head hitting the table. I'm exhausted, and sadly not even that hung over. But it was a busy month. Blissfully free from company, our little family really enjoyed the holiday season this year. There was much pyjama wearing, and many many days filled with just lazing around the house. But I guess that you're here to see the Christmas handmades, right?

This year, I sent around an email to my nearest and dearest family asking them if they would prefer to receive either a book or a handmade item. The responses to this email heartened me muchly - there were only two people who asked for a book instead of a handmade item. (And thanks for calling me cheap, Dad. Yeah. Thanks a lot.) Everyone else was very enthused about the prospect of a handmade item. The requests came in, and the result were:

greenies 004

Fingerless mittens and a plastic bag holder (like this one) for my SIL. She also received a slouchy Tuva hat in silky Malabrigo.

zippy 008

My MIL received a camera, kitted out with a handmade case.


My FIL received a black touque, sadly missed in the spree of photo taking.

My Dad received the Thorpe posted a few posts back. Accompanied by the autobiography of Robert Herjavec, one of the VCs on Dragon's Den. (Love that show.)

My Mum was the lucky recipient of the Odessa, also from the same previous post. And a handmade bag, also forgotten picture-wise. But I used this Keyka Lou pattern - it turned out to be totally adorable.

I gave my one brother a pair of socks, as requested.

tree 007

I'm thinking that I may have to knit him another pair, as these are a little wild for him to wear. (He's a banker, whaddya gonna do.)

My other brother asked for handmade handkerchiefs, as he was bored with stuffing his breast pocket with plain white ones.


I hope they're not too colourful for Wall Street.

Both of my brothers also received signed books by David Sedaris. I was lucky enough to go to his signing here in Dartmouth, driven by the express purpose of getting him to sign books for both of my brothers. Enduring the sheer amount of hipsterism contained in that store ALONE makes me a candidate for best sister of the year, if I do say so myself. Yeesh.

My lovely SIL asked for a chunky cowl.


Knit in Malabrigo Rasta (which is the most delicious super bulky yarn EVER), I am pleased to report that she was delighted with it. And highest praise for a knitter, she put it on right after opening the present and didn't take it off until she got home.

Lastly, Mr. Munchkin's teacher has done an outstanding job so far. And so she made it onto the knit-worthy list with a pair of mittens.


More Malabrigo, of course. Accompanied by a box of chocolates.

As for my kids - they asked for and received much plastic frippery. DH was given a few framed pictures of our trip to Iceland, amongst other things. And as for myself, I was given the gift of peace, happiness and joy on earth. Oh, and a wicked cool slow cooker. Couldn't ask for anything more. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season too.