Sunday, July 17, 2011


Do you know what the easiest way is to lose several of your brain cells at any given time?

Combine 40 hours (total) driving across the country + two small children + sunburned/grumpy husband.

Oh yeah. All I know is that I knit two pairs of socks. One on the drive down and the other on the drive home.


One set for my FIL. It's my standard man's sock recipe. Hence the name of the socks...Man Socks v1.6. Here the socks are hanging out chez in-law cottage. Loughborough Lake is really beautiful and quite warm. Especially when you jump into it in a desperate bid to escape the mosquitoes that are the size of a QUARTER. A flippin' quarter, people.


And one set for me. This one was finished just as we pulled into Halifax. As you can tell, I ran out of yarn on the second sock. Grabbed the extra ball of yarn (doesn't everyone carry an extra ball of yarn with them when traveling?) and finished them off.

Actually, it's been a crazy crafty month.

Socks for Miss E.


And the package for the movie swap.




My partner's favourite movie is A Clockwork Orange. I couldn't bring myself to watch it. (There's a few scenes in there that I *know* would deeply upset me.) So I went with more iconic images in lieu of actual familiarity. Really enjoyed embroidering the project bag, it's been ages since I did anything like that. And the amigurumi Droog is my first amigurumi ever. I'm not sure that I'm very good at it may be my last one too. Heh.

And finally...I had to repackage the majority of my stash. All of the space saver bags that I was using decided to collectively commit seppuku at the same time. So the stash went into rubbermaid boxes instead.


When I look at this...the only thing that I can bring myself to think is:

"Gotta start knitting faster."