Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring fever is upon us.

In the kids, it manifests in earlier and earlier awakenings. (6 fracking thirty in the morning is just cruel, CRUEL, CRUUUUEL.) In the husband, it manifests in increasing grumpiness and distracted preoccupation with something in the distance. In myself, it manifests as the urge to Organize. And it's not planned cleaning, oh no.

For example. I was finishing up another kit for Konbit Sante.

konbitsante2 001

konbitsante2 002

And when I was done with that, I happened to glance under my sewing area.

stashed 002


One fast trip to the store, one movie for the kids, and a few hours resulted in all of this OCD glory.

stashed 003

Yes, that's all of my scraps colour co-ordinated. And those are just the quilter's cottons. The fleece, and diaper making fabrics (velour, birdseye, etc.) are in separate bags.

Oh yes, Spring is just around the corner. And what's REALLY making me happy today is that my package for the Mod Ducks Odd Ducks swap arrived!!!

First of all, I'm pretty sure that my spoiler is psychic. Otherwise, how would she have known that I've been looking for a good bag pattern?

Mod Swap!

I LOVE IT! Made from linen, so it's durable. And it's so well made!!! But what delights lie inside?

Mod Swap!

Seriously, I was spoiled. SO spoiled. SOSOSOSOSOSOSO spoiled. A pretty green needle case, a lovely notebook to journal in, the COOLEST thistle buttons, Mount DOOM roving, Ghiradelli caramel chocolates (MINE), handmade soap, cuticle cream, the Nordic Knits book I've been hankering over(squeee!), beautiful handspun (so very soft), and

Mod Swap!

Poems Sock yarn. Finally...something that's been on my wish list for Eons.

A yarn bowl.

yarn bowl 002

And sunshine and blue skies to take my photos in. Sigh. Life is good. If anyone needs me, I think I'm going to be making a quilt. With scraps.